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Review article
04 Dec 2017
Review article |  | 04 Dec 2017

A multi-decadal wind-wave hindcast for the North Sea 1949–2014: coastDat2

Nikolaus Groll and Ralf Weisse

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Ulrich Callies, Nikolaus Groll, Jochen Horstmann, Hartmut Kapitza, Holger Klein, Silvia Maßmann, and Fabian Schwichtenberg
Ocean Sci., 13, 799–827,,, 2017
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A wave hindcast for the North Sea covering the period 1949–2014 using the third-generation spectral wave model WAM was produced. The hindcast is part of the coastDat database representing a consistent and homogeneous met-ocean data set. It is shown that, despite not being perfect, data from the wave hindcast are generally suitable for wave climate analysis.
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