Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 1931–1946, 2019
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 1931–1946, 2019

Data description paper 13 Dec 2019

Data description paper | 13 Dec 2019

1 km monthly temperature and precipitation dataset for China from 1901 to 2017

Shouzhang Peng et al.

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High-spatial-resolution monthly temperature and precipitation dataset for China for 1901–2017
Shouzhang Peng, Yongxia Ding, and Zhi Li
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,,, 2019
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This study describes a 1 km monthly minimum, maximum, and mean temperatures and precipitation dataset for the mainland area of China during 1901–2017. It is the first dataset developed with such a high spatiotemporal resolution over such a long time period for China. The dataset is well evaluated by the observations using 496 national weather stations, and the evaluation indicated the dataset is sufficiently reliable for use in investigation of climate change across China.