Articles | Volume 10, issue 2
04 Jun 2018
 | 04 Jun 2018

Historical nitrogen fertilizer use in agricultural ecosystems of the contiguous United States during 1850–2015: application rate, timing, and fertilizer types

Peiyu Cao, Chaoqun Lu, and Zhen Yu

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Annual time-series 1-km maps of crop area and types in the conterminous US (CropAT-US): cropping diversity changes during 1850–2021
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Revised manuscript under review for ESSD
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Northwestward cropland expansion and growing urea-based fertilizer use enhanced NH3 emission loss in the contiguous United States
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Short summary
A long-term N fertilizer use history is important for both field investigators and modeling community to examine the cumulative impacts of N fertilizer uses. We developed a spatially explicit time-series data set of nitrogen fertilizer use in agricultural land of the continental US during 1850–2015 at a resolution of 5 km × 5 km based on multiple data sources and historical cropland maps. It contains nitrogen fertilizer use rate, application timing, and ammonium and nitrate form fertilizer use.
Final-revised paper