Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 1037–1068, 2019
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 1037–1068, 2019

Data description paper 15 Jul 2019

Data description paper | 15 Jul 2019

A compilation of global bio-optical in situ data for ocean-colour satellite applications – version two

André Valente et al.

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A compilation of global bio-optical in situ data for ocean-colour satellite applications
André Valente, Shubha Sathyendranath, Vanda Brotas, Steve Groom, Michael Grant, Malcolm Taberner, David Antoine, Robert Arnone, William M. Balch, Kathryn Barker, Ray Barlow, Simon Bélanger, Jean-François Berthon, Şükrü Beşiktepe, Vittorio Brando, Elisabetta Canuti, Francisco Chavez, Hervé Claustre, Richard Crout, Robert Frouin, Carlos García-Soto, Stuart W. Gibb, Richard Gould, Stanford Hooker, Mati Kahru, Holger Klein, Susanne Kratzer, Hubert Loisel, David McKee, Brian G. Mitchell, Tiffany Moisan, Frank Muller-Karger, Leonie O'Dowd, Michael Ondrusek, Alex J. Poulton, Michel Repecaud, Timothy Smyth, Heidi M. Sosik, Michael Twardowski, Kenneth Voss, Jeremy Werdell, Marcel Wernand, and Giuseppe Zibordi
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 8, 235–252,,, 2016
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Oceanography – Physical
Meteorological and hydrodynamic data in the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo, Italy, of the Coastal Engineering Laboratory (LIC) Survey, winter and summer 2015
Michele Mossa, Elvira Armenio, Mouldi Ben Meftah, Maria Francesca Bruno, Diana De Padova, and Francesca De Serio
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 599–607,,, 2021
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Global maps of Forel–Ule index, hue angle and Secchi disk depth derived from 21 years of monthly ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative data
Jaime Pitarch, Marco Bellacicco, Salvatore Marullo, and Hendrik J. van der Woerd
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 481–490,,, 2021
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Global dataset of thermohaline staircases obtained from Argo floats and Ice-Tethered Profilers
Carine G. van der Boog, J. Otto Koetsier, Henk A. Dijkstra, Julie D. Pietrzak, and Caroline A. Katsman
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 43–61,,, 2021
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Physical and biogeochemical parameters of the Mediterranean Sea during a cruise with RV Maria S. Merian in March 2018
Dagmar Hainbucher, Marta Álvarez, Blanca Astray Uceda, Giancarlo Bachi, Vanessa Cardin, Paolo Celentano, Spyros Chaikalis, Maria del Mar Chaves Montero, Giuseppe Civitarese, Noelia M. Fajar, Francois Fripiat, Lennart Gerke, Alexandra Gogou, Elisa F. Guallart, Birte Gülk, Abed El Rahman Hassoun, Nico Lange, Andrea Rochner, Chiara Santinelli, Tobias Steinhoff, Toste Tanhua, Lidia Urbini, Dimitrios Velaoras, Fabian Wolf, and Andreas Welsch
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 2747–2763,,, 2020
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Half-hourly changes in intertidal temperature at nine wave-exposed locations along the Atlantic Canadian coast: a 5.5-year study
Ricardo A. Scrosati, Julius A. Ellrich, and Matthew J. Freeman
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 2695–2703,,, 2020
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A compiled set of in situ data is useful to evaluate the quality of ocean-colour satellite data records. Here we describe the compilation of global bio-optical in situ data (spanning from 1997 to 2018) used for the validation of the ocean-colour products from the ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (OC-CCI). The compilation merges and harmonizes several in situ data sources into a simple format that could be used directly for the evaluation of satellite-derived ocean-colour data.