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Data description paper
14 Feb 2023
Data description paper |  | 14 Feb 2023

Geomorphological landslide inventory map of the Daunia Apennines, southern Italy

Francesca Ardizzone, Francesco Bucci, Mauro Cardinali, Federica Fiorucci, Luca Pisano, Michele Santangelo, and Veronica Zumpano

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Dynamic path-dependent landslide susceptibility modelling
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Automatic delineation of geomorphological slope units with r.slopeunits v1.0 and their optimization for landslide susceptibility modeling
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Brief Communication: Rapid mapping of landslide events: the 3 December 2013 Montescaglioso landslide, Italy
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The secret life of garnets: a comprehensive, standardized dataset of garnet geochemical analyses integrating localities and petrogenesis
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HR-GLDD: a globally distributed dataset using generalized deep learning (DL) for rapid landslide mapping on high-resolution (HR) satellite imagery
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IESDB – the Iberian Evaporite Structure Database
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This paper presents a new geomorphological landslide inventory map for the Daunia Apennines, southern Italy. It was produced through the interpretation of two sets of stereoscopic aerial photographs, taken in 1954/55 and 2003, and targeted field checks. The inventory contains 17 437 landslides classified according to relative age, type of movement, and estimated depth. The dataset consists of a digital archive publicly available at
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