Articles | Volume 10, issue 3
10 Sep 2018
 | 10 Sep 2018

A rescued dataset of sub-daily meteorological observations for Europe and the southern Mediterranean region, 1877–2012

Linden Ashcroft, Joan Ramon Coll, Alba Gilabert, Peter Domonkos, Manola Brunet, Enric Aguilar, Mercè Castella, Javier Sigro, Ian Harris, Per Unden, and Phil Jones

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We present a dataset of 8.8 million sub-daily weather observations for Europe and the southern Mediterranean, compiled and digitised from historical and modern sources. We describe the methods used to digitise and quality control the data, and show that 3.5 % of the observations required correction or removal, similar to other data rescue projects. These newly recovered records will help to improve weather simulations over Europe.
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