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Data description paper
01 Feb 2023
Data description paper |  | 01 Feb 2023

The ULR-repro3 GPS data reanalysis and its estimates of vertical land motion at tide gauges for sea level science

Médéric Gravelle, Guy Wöppelmann, Kevin Gobron, Zuheir Altamimi, Mikaël Guichard, Thomas Herring, and Paul Rebischung

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Assessment of static flood modeling techniques: application to contrasting marshes flooded during Xynthia (western France)
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Short summary
We produced a reanalysis of GNSS data near tide gauges worldwide within the International GNSS Service. It implements advances in data modelling and corrections, extending the record length by about 7 years. A 28 % reduction in station velocity uncertainties is achieved over the previous solution. These estimates of vertical land motion at the coast supplement data from satellite altimetry or tide gauges for an improved understanding of sea level changes and their impacts along coastal areas.
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