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Data description paper
14 Feb 2023
Data description paper |  | 14 Feb 2023

Deepwater red shrimp fishery in the eastern–central Mediterranean Sea: AIS-observed monthly fishing effort and frequency over 4 years

Jacopo Pulcinella, Enrico Nicola Armelloni, Carmen Ferrà, Giuseppe Scarcella, and Anna Nora Tassetti

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The ADRIREEF database: a comprehensive collection of natural/artificial reefs and wrecks in the Adriatic Sea
Annalisa Minelli, Carmen Ferrà, Alessandra Spagnolo, Martina Scanu, Anna Nora Tassetti, Carla Rita Ferrari, Cristina Mazziotti, Silvia Pigozzi, Zrinka Jakl, Tena Šarčević, Miranda Šimac, Claudia Kruschel, Dubravko Pejdo, Enrico Barbone, Michele De Gioia, Diego Borme, Emiliano Gordini, Rocco Auriemma, Ivo Benzon, Đeni Vuković-Stanišić, Sandi Orlić, Vlado Frančić, Damir Zec, Ivana Orlić Kapović, Michela Soldati, Silvia Ulazzi, and Gianna Fabi
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 1905–1923,,, 2021
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Domain: ESSD – Ocean | Subject: Biological oceanography
MAREL Carnot data and metadata from the Coriolis data center
Raed Halawi Ghosn, Émilie Poisson-Caillault, Guillaume Charria, Armel Bonnat, Michel Repecaud, Jean-Valery Facq, Loïc Quéméner, Vincent Duquesne, Camille Blondel, and Alain Lefebvre
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 4205–4218,,, 2023
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Bio-optical properties of the cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena
Shungudzemwoyo P. Garaba, Michelle Albinus, Guido Bonthond, Sabine Flöder, Mario L. M. Miranda, Sven Rohde, Joanne Y. L. Yong, and Jochen Wollschläger
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 4163–4179,,, 2023
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An atlas of seabed biodiversity for Aotearoa New Zealand
Fabrice Stephenson, Tom Brough, Drew Lohrer, Daniel Leduc, Shane Geange, Owen Anderson, David Bowden, Malcolm R. Clark, Niki Davey, Enrique Pardo, Dennis P. Gordon, Brittany Finucci, Michelle Kelly, Diana Macpherson, Lisa McCartain, Sadie Mills, Kate Neill, Wendy Nelson, Rachael Peart, Matthew H. Pinkerton, Geoffrey B. Read, Jodie Robertson, Ashley Rowden, Kareen Schnabel, Andrew Stewart, Carl Struthers, Leigh Tait, Di Tracey, Shaun Weston, and Carolyn Lundquist
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 3931–3939,,, 2023
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A synthetic optical database generated by radiative transfer simulations in support of studies in ocean optics and optical remote sensing of the global ocean
Hubert Loisel, Daniel Schaffer Ferreira Jorge, Rick A. Reynolds, and Dariusz Stramski
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 3711–3731,,, 2023
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The Coastal Surveillance Through Observation of Ocean Color (COASTℓOOC) dataset
Philippe Massicotte, Marcel Babin, Frank Fell, Vincent Fournier-Sicre, and David Doxaran
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 3529–3545,,, 2023
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Deep-sea fishery in the Mediterranean Sea was historically driven by the commercial profitability of deepwater red shrimps. Understanding spatiotemporal dynamics of fishing is key to comprehensively evaluate the status of these resources and prevent stock collapse. The observed monthly fishing effort and frequency dataset released by the automatic identification system (AIS) may help researchers as well as those involved in fishery management and in the update of existing management plans.
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