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Data description paper
03 Sep 2021
Data description paper |  | 03 Sep 2021

A standardized database of Last Interglacial (MIS 5e) sea-level indicators in Southeast Asia

Kathrine Maxwell, Hildegard Westphal, and Alessio Rovere

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Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 4819–4845,,, 2021
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Revised manuscript accepted for ESSD
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Marine Isotope Stage 5e (MIS 5e; the Last Interglacial, 125 ka) represents a period in the Earth’s geologic history when sea level was higher than present. In this paper, a standardized database was produced after screening and reviewing LIG sea-level data from published papers in Southeast Asia. We identified 43 unique sea-level indicators (42 from coral reef terraces and 1 from a tidal notch) and compiled the data in the World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines (WALIS).
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