Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Data description paper
03 Jan 2023
Data description paper |  | 03 Jan 2023

TiP-Leaf: a dataset of leaf traits across vegetation types on the Tibetan Plateau

Yili Jin, Haoyan Wang, Jie Xia, Jian Ni, Kai Li, Ying Hou, Jing Hu, Linfeng Wei, Kai Wu, Haojun Xia, and Borui Zhou

Data sets

A dataset of leaf traits on the Tibetan Plateau (2018-2021) Y. Jin, H. Wang, J. Xia, J. Ni, K. Li, Y. Hou, J. Hu, L. Wei, K. Wu, H. Xia, and B. Zhou

Short summary
The TiP-Leaf dataset was compiled from direct field measurements and included 11 leaf traits from 468 species of 1692 individuals, covering a great proportion of species and vegetation types on the highest plateau in the world. This work is the first plant trait dataset that represents all of the alpine vegetation on the TP, which is not only an update of the Chinese plant trait database, but also a great contribution to the global trait database.
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