Articles | Volume 13, issue 11
Data description paper
18 Nov 2021
Data description paper |  | 18 Nov 2021

Refined burned-area mapping protocol using Sentinel-2 data increases estimate of 2019 Indonesian burning

David L. A. Gaveau, Adrià Descals, Mohammad A. Salim, Douglas Sheil, and Sean Sloan

Data sets

2019 burned area map for Indonesia using Sentinel-2 data David Gaveau, Adrià Descal, Mohammad Salim, Douglas Sheil, and Sean Sloan

Application to visualise pre- and post-fire composites, all three burned area products, and reference points with screenshots David Gaveau, Adrià Descal, Mohammad Salim, Douglas Sheil, and Sean Sloan

MCD64A1 MODIS/Terra+Aqua Burned Area Monthly L3 Global 500m SIN Grid V006 ( L. Giglio, C. Justice, L. Boschetti, and D. Roy

Google Earth Engine: Planetary-scale geospatial analysis for everyone Noel Gorelick, Matt Hancher, Mike Dixon, Simon Ilyushchenko, David Thau, and Rebecca Moore

Sentinel-2 MSI: MultiSpectral Instrument, Level-2A European Union/ESA/Copernicus

Model code and software

Code for generating annual pre- and post-fire Sentinel-2 composites over Indonesia Mohammad Agus Salim, Adrià Descals, and David Gaveau

Short summary
Severe burning struck Indonesia in 2019. Drawing on new satellite imagery, we present and validate new 2019 burned-area estimates for Indonesia. We show that > 3.11 million hectares (Mha) burned in 2019, double the official estimate from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Our relatively more accurate estimates have important implications for carbon-emission calculations from forest and peatland fires in Indonesia.
Final-revised paper