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Data description paper
19 Oct 2023
Data description paper |  | 19 Oct 2023

SCShores: a comprehensive shoreline dataset of Spanish sandy beaches from a citizen-science monitoring programme

Rita González-Villanueva, Jesús Soriano-González, Irene Alejo, Francisco Criado-Sudau, Theocharis Plomaritis, Àngels Fernàndez-Mora, Javier Benavente, Laura Del Río, Miguel Ángel Nombela, and Elena Sánchez-García

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Role of the forcing sources in morphodynamic modelling of an embayed beach
Nil Carrion-Bertran, Albert Falqués, Francesca Ribas, Daniel Calvete, Rinse de Swart, Ruth Durán, Candela Marco-Peretó, Marta Marcos, Angel Amores, Tim Toomey, Àngels Fernández-Mora, and Jorge Guillén
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Coastal ocean response during the unprecedented marine heat waves in the western Mediterranean in 2022
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Revised manuscript accepted for SP
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Contribution of storms to shoreline changes in mesotidal dissipative beaches: case study in the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Spain)
María Puig, Laura Del Río, Theocharis A. Plomaritis, and Javier Benavente
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E. Sánchez-García, A. Balaguer-Beser, R. Taborda, and J. E. Pardo-Pascual
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Sarah Paradis, Kai Nakajima, Tessa S. Van der Voort, Hannah Gies, Aline Wildberger, Thomas M. Blattmann, Lisa Bröder, and Timothy I. Eglinton
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 4105–4125,,, 2023
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Large freshwater-influx-induced salinity gradient and diagenetic changes in the northern Indian Ocean dominate the stable oxygen isotopic variation in Globigerinoides ruber
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Sandy beaches, shaped by tides, waves, and winds, constantly change. Studying these changes is crucial for coastal management, but obtaining detailed shoreline data is difficult and costly. Our paper introduces a unique dataset of high-resolution shorelines from five Spanish beaches collected through the CoastSnap citizen-science program. With 1721 shorelines, our dataset provides valuable information for coastal studies.
Final-revised paper