Articles | Volume 15, issue 3
Data description paper
22 Mar 2023
Data description paper |  | 22 Mar 2023

Classification and mapping of European fuels using a hierarchical, multipurpose fuel classification system

Elena Aragoneses, Mariano García, Michele Salis, Luís M. Ribeiro, and Emilio Chuvieco

Data sets

FirEUrisk_Europe_fuel_map: European fuel map at 1 km resolution Elena Aragoneses, Mariano García, and Emilio Chuvieco

Short summary
We present a new hierarchical fuel classification system with a total of 85 fuels that is useful for preventing fire risk at different spatial scales. Based on this, we developed a European fuel map (1 km resolution) using land cover datasets, biogeographic datasets, and bioclimatic modelling. We validated the map by comparing it to high-resolution data, obtaining high overall accuracy. Finally, we developed a crosswalk for standard fuel models as a first assignment of fuel parameters.
Final-revised paper