Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Data description paper
21 Jun 2022
Data description paper |  | 21 Jun 2022

The MONARCH high-resolution reanalysis of desert dust aerosol over Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe (2007–2016)

Enza Di Tomaso, Jerónimo Escribano, Sara Basart, Paul Ginoux, Francesca Macchia, Francesca Barnaba, Francesco Benincasa, Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière, Arnau Buñuel, Miguel Castrillo, Emilio Cuevas, Paola Formenti, María Gonçalves, Oriol Jorba, Martina Klose, Lucia Mona, Gilbert Montané Pinto, Michail Mytilinaios, Vincenzo Obiso, Miriam Olid, Nick Schutgens, Athanasios Votsis, Ernest Werner, and Carlos Pérez García-Pando

Data sets

MONARCH high-resolution reanalysis data set of desert dust aerosol over Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe Di Tomaso, E., Escribano, J., Basart, S., Macchia, F., Benincasa, F., Bretonnière, P.-A., Buñuel, A., Castrillo, M., Gonçalves, M., Jorba, O., Klose, M., Montané Pinto, G., Olid, M., Pérez García-Pando, C.

Short summary
MONARCH reanalysis of desert dust aerosols extends the existing observation-based information for mineral dust monitoring by providing 3-hourly upper-air, surface and total column key geophysical variables of the dust cycle over Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe, at a 0.1° horizontal resolution in a rotated grid, from 2007 to 2016. This work provides evidence of the high accuracy of this data set and its suitability for air quality and health and climate service applications.
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