Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Data description paper
12 Mar 2020
Data description paper |  | 12 Mar 2020

The dead line for oil and gas and implication for fossil resource prediction

Xiongqi Pang, Chengzao Jia, Kun Zhang, Maowen Li, Youwei Wang, Junwen Peng, Boyuan Li, and Junqing Chen

Data sets

Geological and geochemical data of 13634 source rock samples from 1286 exploration wells and 116489 porosity data from target layers in the six petroliferous basins of China X. Pang, C. Jia, K. Zhang, M. Li, Y. Wang, J. Peng, B. Li, and J. Chen

Short summary
Based on geochemical data of 13 634 source rock samples from 1286 wells and 116 489 drilling results for oil and gas from 4978 wells in six major basins of China, we proposed the concept of the active source rock depth limit. It can be used to clarify and predict the maximum depth of fossil fuel distribution in sedimentary basins. The study provides fundamental information for deep hydrocarbon exploration and also advances understanding of the vertical distribution of fossil fuels on our planet.