Articles | Volume 12, issue 4
Data description paper
04 Nov 2020
Data description paper |  | 04 Nov 2020

ARIOS: a database for ocean acidification assessment in the Iberian upwelling system (1976–2018)

Xosé Antonio Padin, Antón Velo, and Fiz F. Pérez

Data sets

ARIOS DATABASE: An Acidification Ocean Database for the Galician Upwelling Ecosystem F. F. Pérez, A. Velo, X. A. Padin, M. D. Doval, and R. Prego

Short summary
The ARIOS (Acidification in the Rias and the Iberian Continental Shelf) database holds biogeochemical information from 3357 oceanographic stations, giving 17 653 discrete samples. This unique collection is a starting point for evaluating ocean acidification in the Iberian upwelling system, characterized by intense biogeochemical interactions as an observation-based analysis, or for use as inputs in a coupled physical–biogeochemical model to disentangle these interactions at the ecosystem level.