Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Data description paper
08 Jul 2020
Data description paper |  | 08 Jul 2020

Towards harmonisation of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observations

Matthew T. Perks, Silvano Fortunato Dal Sasso, Alexandre Hauet, Elizabeth Jamieson, Jérôme Le Coz, Sophie Pearce, Salvador Peña-Haro, Alonso Pizarro, Dariia Strelnikova, Flavia Tauro, James Bomhof, Salvatore Grimaldi, Alain Goulet, Borbála Hortobágyi, Magali Jodeau, Sabine Käfer, Robert Ljubičić, Ian Maddock, Peter Mayr, Gernot Paulus, Lionel Pénard, Leigh Sinclair, and Salvatore Manfreda

Data sets

Towards harmonization of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observations M.T. Perks, S.F. Dal Sasso, M. Detert, A. Hauet, E. Jamieson, J. Le Coz, S. Pearce, S. Peña-Haro, A. Pizarro, D. Strelnikova, F. Tauro, J. Bomhof, S. Grimaldi, A. Goulet, B. Hortobágyi, M. Jodeau, S. Käfer, R. Ljubičić, I. Maddock, P. Mayr, G. Paulus, L. Pénard, L. Sinclair, U. Vogel, and S. Manfreda

Short summary
We present datasets acquired from seven countries across Europe and North America consisting of image sequences. These have been subjected to a range of pre-processing methods in preparation for image velocimetry analysis. These datasets and accompanying reference data are a resource that may be used for conducting benchmarking experiments, assessing algorithm performances, and focusing future software development.