Articles | Volume 16, issue 2
Data description paper
08 Feb 2024
Data description paper |  | 08 Feb 2024

A decade-long cruise time series (2008–2018) of physical and biogeochemical conditions in the southern Salish Sea, North America

Simone R. Alin, Jan A. Newton, Richard A. Feely, Dana Greeley, Beth Curry, Julian Herndon, and Mark Warner

Data sets

A compiled data product of profile, discrete biogeochemical measurements from 35 individual cruise data sets collected from a variety of ships in the southern Salish Sea and northern California Current System (Washington state marine waters) from 2008-02-04 to 2018-10-19 Simone R. Alin, Jan Newton, Dana Greeley, Beth Curry, Julian Herndon, Alex Kozyr, and Richard A. Feely

Short summary
The Salish cruise data product provides 2008–2018 oceanographic data from the southern Salish Sea and nearby coastal sampling stations. Temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrient, and dissolved inorganic carbon measurements from 715 oceanographic profiles will facilitate further study of ocean acidification, hypoxia, and marine heatwave impacts in this region. Three subsets of the compiled datasets from 35 cruises are available with consistent formatting and multiple commonly used units.
Final-revised paper