Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Data description paper
10 Jan 2023
Data description paper |  | 10 Jan 2023

Large freshwater-influx-induced salinity gradient and diagenetic changes in the northern Indian Ocean dominate the stable oxygen isotopic variation in Globigerinoides ruber

Rajeev Saraswat, Thejasino Suokhrie, Dinesh K. Naik, Dharmendra P. Singh, Syed M. Saalim, Mohd Salman, Gavendra Kumar, Sudhira R. Bhadra, Mahyar Mohtadi, Sujata R. Kurtarkar, and Abhayanand S. Maurya

Data sets

Oxygen isotopic ratio of Globigerinoides ruber (white variety) in the surface sediments of the northern Indian Ocean Rajeev Saraswat, T. Suokhrie, Dinesh Kumar Naik, Dharmendra Pratap Singh, S. M. Saalim, M. Salman, G. Kumar, S. R. Bhadra, Mahyar Mohtadi, S. R. Kurtarkar, and A. S. Maurya

Short summary
Much effort is made to project monsoon changes by reconstructing the past. The stable oxygen isotopic ratio of marine calcareous organisms is frequently used to reconstruct past monsoons. Here, we use the published and new stable oxygen isotopic data to demonstrate a diagenetic effect and a strong salinity influence on the oxygen isotopic ratio of foraminifera in the northern Indian Ocean. We also provide updated calibration equations to deduce monsoons from the oxygen isotopic ratio.