Articles | Volume 14, issue 11
Data description paper
08 Nov 2022
Data description paper |  | 08 Nov 2022

The polar mesospheric cloud dataset of the Balloon Lidar Experiment (BOLIDE)

Natalie Kaifler, Bernd Kaifler, Markus Rapp, and David C. Fritts

Data sets

Polar mesospheric clouds from the Balloon Lidar Experiment (BOLIDE) during the PMC Turbo balloon mission Natalie Kaifler

Short summary
We measured polar mesospheric clouds (PMCs), our Earth’s highest clouds at the edge of space, with a Rayleigh lidar from a stratospheric balloon. We describe how we derive the cloud’s brightness and discuss the stability of the gondola pointing and the sensitivity of our measurements. We present our high-resolution PMC dataset that is used to study dynamical processes in the upper mesosphere, e.g. regarding gravity waves, mesospheric bores, vortex rings, and Kelvin–Helmholtz instabilities.