Articles | Volume 14, issue 10
Data description paper
28 Oct 2022
Data description paper |  | 28 Oct 2022

Holocene spatiotemporal millet agricultural patterns in northern China: a dataset of archaeobotanical macroremains

Keyang He, Houyuan Lu, Jianping Zhang, and Can Wang

Data sets

A dataset of archaeobotanical macroremains (staple crops) during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages in northern China Keyang He, Hoyuan Lu, Jianping Zhang, and Can Wang

Short summary
Here we presented the first quantitative spatiotemporal cropping patterns spanning the Neolithic and Bronze ages in northern China. Temporally, millet agriculture underwent a dramatic transition from low-yield broomcorn to high-yield foxtail millet around 6000 cal. a BP under the influence of climate and population. Spatially, millet agriculture spread westward and northward from the mid-lower Yellow River (MLY) to the agro-pastoral ecotone (APE) around 6000 cal. a BP and diversified afterwards.
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