Articles | Volume 14, issue 10
Data description paper
18 Oct 2022
Data description paper |  | 18 Oct 2022

History of anthropogenic Nitrogen inputs (HaNi) to the terrestrial biosphere: a 5 arcmin resolution annual dataset from 1860 to 2019

Hanqin Tian, Zihao Bian, Hao Shi, Xiaoyu Qin, Naiqing Pan, Chaoqun Lu, Shufen Pan, Francesco N. Tubiello, Jinfeng Chang, Giulia Conchedda, Junguo Liu, Nathaniel Mueller, Kazuya Nishina, Rongting Xu, Jia Yang, Liangzhi You, and Bowen Zhang

Data sets

HaNi: A Historical dataset of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs to the terrestrial biosphere (1860-2019) Tian Hanqin, Bian Zihao, Shi Hao, Qin Xiaoyu, Pan Naiqing, Lu Chaoqun, Pan Shufen, Tubiello Francesco N., Chang Jinfeng, Conchedda Giulia, Liu Junguo, Mueller Nathaniel, Nishina Kazuya, Xu Rongting, Yang Jia, You Liangzhi, and Zhang Bowen

Short summary
Nitrogen is one of the critical nutrients for growth. Evaluating the change in nitrogen inputs due to human activity is necessary for nutrient management and pollution control. In this study, we generated a historical dataset of nitrogen input to land at the global scale. This dataset consists of nitrogen fertilizer, manure, and atmospheric deposition inputs to cropland, pasture, and rangeland at high resolution from 1860 to 2019.
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