Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
Data description paper
23 Sep 2022
Data description paper |  | 23 Sep 2022

New contributions of measurements in Europe to the global inventory of the stable isotopic composition of methane

Malika Menoud, Carina van der Veen, Dave Lowry, Julianne M. Fernandez, Semra Bakkaloglu, James L. France, Rebecca E. Fisher, Hossein Maazallahi, Mila Stanisavljević, Jarosław Nęcki, Katarina Vinkovic, Patryk Łakomiec, Janne Rinne, Piotr Korbeń, Martina Schmidt, Sara Defratyka, Camille Yver-Kwok, Truls Andersen, Huilin Chen, and Thomas Röckmann

Data sets

European Methane 20 Isotope Database Coupled with a Global Inventory of Fossil and Non-Fossil δ 13 C- and δ 2 H-CH 4 Source Signature Measure- ments: V2.0.0 M. Menoud, C. van der Veen, D. Lowry, J. M. Fernandez, S. Bakkaloglu, J. L. France, R. E. Fisher, H. Maazallahi, M. Stanisavljević, J. Nęcki, K. Vinkovic, P. Łakomiec, J. Rinne, P. Korbeń, M. Schmidt, S. Defratyka, C. Yver-Kwok, T. Andersen, H. Chen, and T. Röckmann

Short summary
Emission sources of methane (CH4) can be distinguished with measurements of CH4 stable isotopes. We present new measurements of isotope signatures of various CH4 sources in Europe, mainly anthropogenic, sampled from 2017 to 2020. The present database also contains the most recent update of the global signature dataset from the literature. The dataset improves CH4 source attribution and the understanding of the global CH4 budget.
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