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Data description paper
22 Sep 2022
Data description paper |  | 22 Sep 2022

A strontium isoscape of inland southeastern Australia

Patrice de Caritat, Anthony Dosseto, and Florian Dux

Data sets

A strontium isoscape of inland southeastern Australia P. de Caritat, A. Dosseto, and F. Dux

Geoscience Australia Portal: Geochronology and Isotopes - Isotopes - Rb-Sr Isotope - Points Geoscience Australia

Short summary
Strontium isotopes are useful in geological, environmental, archaeological, and forensic research to constrain or identify the source of materials such as minerals, artefacts, or foodstuffs. A new dataset, contributing significant new data and knowledge to Australia’s strontium isotope coverage, is presented from an area of over 500 000 km2 of inland southeastern Australia. Various source areas for the sediments are recognized, and both fluvial and aeolian transport processes identified.
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