Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Data description paper
02 Jun 2022
Data description paper |  | 02 Jun 2022

European primary emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases in 2020 modulated by the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions

Marc Guevara, Hervé Petetin, Oriol Jorba, Hugo Denier van der Gon, Jeroen Kuenen, Ingrid Super, Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen, Elisa Majamäki, Lasse Johansson, Vincent-Henri Peuch, and Carlos Pérez García-Pando

Data sets

CAMS-REG_EAF-COVID19 emission adjustment factors Marc Guevara, Hervé Petetin, Oriol Jorba, and Carlos Pérez García-Pando

CAMS-REG-v5.1 BAU 2020 emission inventory Jeroen Kuenen, Stijn Dellaert, Antoon Visschedijk, Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen, Ingrid Super, and Hugo Denier van der Gon

Short summary
To control the spread of the COVID-19 disease, European governments implemented mobility restriction measures that resulted in an unprecedented drop in anthropogenic emissions. This work presents a dataset of emission adjustment factors that allows quantifying changes in 2020 European primary emissions per country and pollutant sector at the daily scale. The resulting dataset can be used as input in modelling studies aiming at quantifying the impact of COVID-19 on air quality levels.
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