Articles | Volume 13, issue 2
Data description paper
02 Mar 2021
Data description paper |  | 02 Mar 2021

Daily Terra–Aqua MODIS cloud-free snow and Randolph Glacier Inventory 6.0 combined product (M*D10A1GL06) for high-mountain Asia between 2002 and 2019

Sher Muhammad and Amrit Thapa

Data sets

Improved daily MODIS TERRA/AQUA Snow and Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI6.0) data for High Mountain Asia (2002-2019) Sher Muhammad

Model code and software

Filter modis daily snow using 8-day improved snow, combine improved daily snow and merge with RGI glacier Amrit Thapa

Short summary
Snow is a dominant water resource in high-mountain Asia and crucial for mountain communities and downstream populations. The present MODIS snow products are significantly uncertain and not useful for observation and simulation of climate, hydrology, and other water-related studies. This study reduces uncertainty in the daily MODIS snow data and generates a MODIS Terra–Aqua combined product reducing uncertainties due to cloud cover, data gaps, and other errors caused by sensor limitations.