Articles | Volume 13, issue 2
Data description paper
09 Feb 2021
Data description paper |  | 09 Feb 2021

Observations of the thermodynamic and kinematic state of the atmospheric boundary layer over the San Luis Valley, CO, using the CopterSonde 2 remotely piloted aircraft system in support of the LAPSE-RATE field campaign

Elizabeth A. Pillar-Little, Brian R. Greene, Francesca M. Lappin, Tyler M. Bell, Antonio R. Segales, Gustavo Britto Hupsel de Azevedo, William Doyle, Sai Teja Kanneganti, Daniel D. Tripp, and Phillip B. Chilson

Data sets

University of Oklahoma CopterSonde Files from LAPSE-RATE Brian R. Greene, Tyler M. Bell, Elizabeth A. Pillar-Little, Antonio R. Segales,Gustavo Britto Hupsel de Azevedo, William Doyle,Daniel D. Tripp, ; Sai T. Kanneganti, and Phillip B. Chilson

Model code and software

oucass/CASS-ardupilot: CASSv1.6.1-Copter-3.6.12 Antonio R. Segales, Andrew Tridgell, Randy Mackay, Peter Barker, Lucas De Marchi, WickedShell, Paul Riseborough, Tom Pittenger, jason4short, Pierre Kancir, jschall, Leonard Hall, Gustavo José de Sousa, Michael Oborne, Jacob Walser, Pat Hickey, Amilcar Lucas, Robert Lefebvre, Siddharth Bharat Purohit, Francisco Ferreira, murata, katsutoshi, Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho, Georgii Staroselskii, Grant Morphett, Mirko Denecke, Mark Whitehorn, Peter Hall, Eugene Shamaev, Rustom Jehangir, James Goppert, and Víctor Mayoral Vilches

Short summary
During July 2018, researchers from OU participated in the LAPSE-RATE field campaign in San Luis Valley, Colorado. The OU team completed 180 flights using three RPASs over the course of 6 d of operation to collect vertical profiles of the thermodynamic and kinematic state of the ABL. This article describes sampling strategies, data collection, platform intercomparibility, data quality, and the dataset's possible applications to convective initiation, drainage flows, and ABL transitions.