Articles | Volume 13, issue 5
Review article
10 May 2021
Review article |  | 10 May 2021

Complementing regional moment magnitudes to GCMT: a perspective from the rebuilt International Seismological Centre Bulletin

Domenico Di Giacomo, James Harris, and Dmitry A. Storchak

Data sets

An Mw list extracted from the ISC Bulletin (1964-2017) D. Di Giacomo and J. Harris

Short summary
We provide a comprehensive overview of the content in terms of moment magnitude (Mw) in the Bulletin of the International Seismological Centre (ISC). Mw is the preferred magnitude to characterize earthquakes in various research topics (e.g. Earth seismicity rates) and other applications (e.g. seismic hazard). We describe first the contribution of global agencies and agencies operating at a regional scale and then discuss features of Mw via different sets of comparisons.
Final-revised paper