Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 61–76, 2020
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 61–76, 2020

Data description paper 06 Jan 2020

Data description paper | 06 Jan 2020

An open-source database for the synthesis of soil radiocarbon data: International Soil Radiocarbon Database (ISRaD) version 1.0

Corey R. Lawrence et al.

Data sets

International Soil Radiocarbon Database v1.0 C. R. Lawrence, J. Beem-Miller, A. M. Hoyt, G. Monroe, C. A. Sierra, S. Stoner, K. Heckman, J. C. Blankinship, S. E. Crow, G. McNicol, S. Trumbore, P. A. Levine, O. Vindušková, K. Todd-Brown, C. Rasmussen, C. E. Hick Pries, C. Schädel, K. McFarlane, S. Doetterl, C. Hatté, Y. He, C. Treat, J. W. Harden, M. S. Torn, C. Estop-Aragonés, A. A. Berhe, M. Keiluweit, E. Marin-Spiotta, A. F. Plante, A. Thomson, J. P. Schimel, L. J. S. Vaughn, and R. Wagai

Short summary
The International Soil Radiocarbon Database (ISRaD) is an an open-source archive of soil data focused on datasets including radiocarbon measurements. ISRaD includes data from bulk or whole soils, distinct soil carbon pools isolated in the laboratory by a variety of soil fractionation methods, samples of soil gas or water collected interstitially from within an intact soil profile, CO2 gas isolated from laboratory soil incubations, and fluxes collected in situ from a soil surface.