Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Data description paper
26 Feb 2020
Data description paper |  | 26 Feb 2020

PROTEVS-MED field experiments: very high resolution hydrographic surveys in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Pierre Garreau, Franck Dumas, Stéphanie Louazel, Stéphanie Correard, Solenn Fercocq, Marc Le Menn, Alain Serpette, Valérie Garnier, Alexandre Stegner, Briac Le Vu, Andrea Doglioli, and Gerald Gregori

Data sets

PROTEVS-MED field experiments: Very High Resolution Hydrographic Surveys in the Western Mediterranean Sea F. Dumas, P. Garreau, S. Louazel, S. Correard, S. Fercoq, M. Le Menn, A. Serpette, V. Garnier, A. Stegner, B. Le Vu, A. Doglioli, and G. Gregori

Short summary
The oceanic circulation is composed of the main currents, of large eddies and meanders, and of fine motions at a scale of about a few hundreds of metres, rarely observed in situ. PROTEVS-MED experiments were devoted to very high resolution observations of water properties (temperature and salinity) and currents, thanks to an undulating trawled vehicle revealing a patchy, stirred and energetic ocean in the first 400 m depth. These fine-scale dynamics drive the plankton and air–sea exchanges.