Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Data description paper
10 Feb 2020
Data description paper |  | 10 Feb 2020

A spatially explicit database of wind disturbances in European forests over the period 2000–2018

Giovanni Forzieri, Matteo Pecchi, Marco Girardello, Achille Mauri, Marcus Klaus, Christo Nikolov, Marius Rüetschi, Barry Gardiner, Julián Tomaštík, David Small, Constantin Nistor, Donatas Jonikavicius, Jonathan Spinoni, Luc Feyen, Francesca Giannetti, Rinaldo Comino, Alessandro Wolynski, Francesco Pirotti, Fabio Maistrelli, Ionut Savulescu, Stéphanie Wurpillot-Lucas, Stefan Karlsson, Karolina Zieba-Kulawik, Paulina Strejczek-Jazwinska, Martin Mokroš, Stefan Franz, Lukas Krejci, Ionel Haidu, Mats Nilsson, Piotr Wezyk, Filippo Catani, Yi-Ying Chen, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Gherardo Chirici, Alessandro Cescatti, and Pieter S. A. Beck

Data sets

A spatially-explicit database of wind disturbances in European forests over the period 2000-2018 G. Forzieri, M. Pecchi, M. Girardello, A. Mauri, M. Klaus, C. Nikolov, M. Rüetschi, B. Gardiner, J. Tomaštík, D. Small, C. Nistor, D. Jonikavicius, J. Spinoni, L. Feyen, F. Giannetti, R. Comino, A. Wolynski, F. Pirotti, F. Maistrelli, S. Ionut, W. Lucas-Stephanie, K. Stefan, K. Zieba-Kulawik, P. Strejczek-Jazwinska, M. Mokroš, F. Stefan, L. Krejci, I. Haidu, M. Nilsson, P. Wezyk, F. Catani, Y.-Y. Chen, S. Luyssaert, G. Chirici, A. Cescatti, and P. S. A. Beck

Short summary
Strong winds may uproot and break trees and represent a risk for forests. Despite the importance of this natural disturbance and possible intensification in view of climate change, spatial information about wind-related impacts is currently missing on a pan-European scale. We present a new database of wind disturbances in European forests comprised of more than 80 000 records over the period 2000–2018. Our database is a unique spatial source for the study of forest disturbances at large scales.