Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Data description paper
22 Jan 2020
Data description paper |  | 22 Jan 2020

Global River Radar Altimetry Time Series (GRRATS): new river elevation earth science data records for the hydrologic community

Stephen Coss, Michael Durand, Yuchan Yi, Yuanyuan Jia, Qi Guo, Stephen Tuozzolo, C. K. Shum, George H. Allen, Stéphane Calmant, and Tamlin Pavelsky

Data sets

GRRATS river virtual station data Coss, Stephen; Durand, Michael; Lettenmaier, Dennis; Yi, Yuchan; Jia, Yuanyuan; Guo, Qi, Tuozzolo, Stephen; Shun, C.K.; Allen, George H.; Calmant, Stephane; Pavelsky, Tamlin

Short summary
We present a new radar-altimeter-satellite-measured river surface height dataset. Our novel approach is broadly applicable rather than location specific. We were able to measure rivers that account for > 34 % of global drainage area with an accuracy comparable to much of the established literature. 389 of our 932 measurement locations include river gage validation. We have focused our efforts on creating a consistent, well-documented data product to encourage use by the broader science community.