Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 1083–1100, 2020
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 1083–1100, 2020

Data description paper 13 May 2020

Data description paper | 13 May 2020

Data for wetlandscapes and their changes around the world

Navid Ghajarnia et al.

Data sets

Wetlandscape Change Information Database (WetCID) N. Ghajarnia, G. Destouni, J. Thorslund, Z. Kalantari, I. Åhlén, J. A. Anaya-Acevedo, J. F. Blanco-Libreros, S. Borja, S. Chalov, A. Chalova, K. P. Chun, N. Clerici, A. Desormeaux, B. B. Garfield, P. Girard, O. Gorelits, A. Hansen, F. Jaramillo, J. Jarsjö, A. Labbaci, J. Livsey, G. Maneas, K. McCurley, S. Palomino-Ángel, J. Pietroń, R. Price, V. H. Rivera-Monroy, J. Salgado, A. B. K. Sannel, S. Seifollahi-Aghmiuni, Y. Sjöberg, P. Terskii, G. Vigouroux, L. Licero-Villanueva, and D. Zamora

Short summary
Hydroclimate and land-use conditions determine the dynamics of wetlands and their ecosystem services. However, knowledge and data for conditions and changes over entire wetlandscapes are scarce. This paper presents a novel database for 27 wetlandscapes around the world, combining survey-based local information and hydroclimatic and land-use datasets. The developed database can enhance our capacity to understand and manage critical wetland ecosystems and their services under global change.