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Peer-reviewed comment
03 Jan 2020
Peer-reviewed comment |  | 03 Jan 2020

Statistical downscaling of water vapour satellite measurements from profiles of tropical ice clouds

Giulia Carella, Mathieu Vrac, Hélène Brogniez, Pascal Yiou, and Hélène Chepfer

Data sets

Downscaled Relative Humidity profiles for tropical ice clouds G. Carella, M. Vrac, H. Brogniez, P. Yiou, and H. Chepfer

Short summary
Observations of relative humidity for ice clouds over the tropical oceans from a passive microwave sounder are downscaled by incorporating the high-resolution variability derived from simultaneous co-located cloud profiles from a lidar. By providing a method to generate pseudo-observations of relative humidity at high spatial resolution, this work will help revisit some of the current key barriers in atmospheric science.
Final-revised paper