Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
30 Apr 2019
 | 30 Apr 2019

A high-resolution image time series of the Gorner Glacier – Swiss Alps – derived from repeated unmanned aerial vehicle surveys

Lionel Benoit, Aurelie Gourdon, Raphaël Vallat, Inigo Irarrazaval, Mathieu Gravey, Benjamin Lehmann, Günther Prasicek, Dominik Gräff, Frederic Herman, and Gregoire Mariethoz

Data sets

A high-frequency and high-resolution image time series of the Gornergletscher - Swiss Alps - derived from repeated UAV survey L. Benoit, A. Gourdon, R. Vallat, I. Irarrazaval, M. Gravey, B. Lehmann, G. Prasicek, D. Gräff, F. Herman, and G. Mariethoz

Model code and software

MatchingMapMaker utilities M. Gravey

Short summary
This dataset provides a collection of 10 cm resolution orthomosaics and digital elevation models of the Gornergletscher glacial system (Switzerland). Raw data have been acquired every 2 weeks by intensive UAV surveys and cover the summer 2017. A careful photogrammetric processing ensures the geometrical coherence of the whole dataset.