Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Data description paper
11 Nov 2019
Data description paper |  | 11 Nov 2019

The BernClim plant phenological data set from the canton of Bern (Switzerland) 1970–2018

This Rutishauser, François Jeanneret, Robert Brügger, Yuri Brugnara, Christian Röthlisberger, August Bernasconi, Peter Bangerter, Céline Portenier, Leonie Villiger, Daria Lehmann, Lukas Meyer, Bruno Messerli, and Stefan Brönnimann

Data sets

The BernClim plant phenological data set from the Canton of Bern (Switzerland) 1970-2018 Rutishauser, This; Jeanneret, François; Brügger, Robert; Auchmann, Renate; Brugnara, Yuri; Röthlisberger, Christian; Dizerens, Céline; Villiger, Leonie; Lehmann, Daria; Meyer, Lukas; Messerli, Bruno; Brönnimann, Stefan

Short summary
This paper reports 7414 quality-controlled plant phenological observations of the BernClim phenological network in Switzerland. The data from 1304 sites at 110 stations were recorded between 1970 and 2018. The quality control (QC) points to very good internal consistency (only 0.2 % flagged as internally inconsistent) and likely to high quality of the data. BernClim data originally served in regional planning and agricultural suitability and are now valuable for climate change impact studies.