Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Data description paper
26 Aug 2019
Data description paper |  | 26 Aug 2019

The Hestia fossil fuel CO2 emissions data product for the Los Angeles megacity (Hestia-LA)

Kevin R. Gurney, Risa Patarasuk, Jianming Liang, Yang Song, Darragh O'Keeffe, Preeti Rao, James R. Whetstone, Riley M. Duren, Annmarie Eldering, and Charles Miller

Data sets

Hestia Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide (FFCO2) Data Product - Los Angeles Basin, Version 2.5, 1km grid K. R. Gurney, J. Liang, D. O’Keeffe, J. Huang, Y. Song, P. Rao, and T. M. Wong

Short summary
The Hestia Project is an effort to provide bottom-up fossil fuel (FFCO2) emissions at the urban scale with building, street, and hourly space–time resolution. Here, we report on the latest urban area for which a Hestia estimate has been completed – the Los Angeles megacity. We provide a complete description of the methods used to build the Hestia FFCO2 emissions data product and general analysis of the numerical results.