Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Peer-reviewed comment
22 Jul 2019
Peer-reviewed comment |  | 22 Jul 2019

New 30 m resolution Hong Kong climate, vegetation, and topography rasters indicate greater spatial variation than global grids within an urban mosaic

Brett Morgan and Benoit Guénard

Data sets

Hong Kong climate, vegetation, and topography rasters B. Morgan and B. Guénard

Short summary
Hong Kong is poised to become a model region for understanding the effects of urbanization, biotic invasions, and protected areas in the tropics. However, until now there have been few suitable GIS layers to address these issues on a landscape scale. This set of 30 m resolution vegetation, topography, and interpolated climate rasters will enable a new generation of spatial studies in Hong Kong. Compared to global datasets, these local models consistently indicate greater climatic heterogeneity.