Articles | Volume 10, issue 2
Review article
15 Jun 2018
Review article |  | 15 Jun 2018

The GEWEX Water Vapor Assessment archive of water vapour products from satellite observations and reanalyses

Marc Schröder, Maarit Lockhoff, Frank Fell, John Forsythe, Tim Trent, Ralf Bennartz, Eva Borbas, Michael G. Bosilovich, Elisa Castelli, Hans Hersbach, Misako Kachi, Shinya Kobayashi, E. Robert Kursinski, Diego Loyola, Carl Mears, Rene Preusker, William B. Rossow, and Suranjana Saha

Data sets

The GEWEX water vapor assessment archive of water vapour products from satellites and reanalyses M. Schröder, M. Lockhoff, F. Fell, J. Forsythe, T. Trent, R. Bennartz, E. Borbas, M. G. Bosilovich, E. Castelli, H. Hersbach, M. Kachi, S. Kobayashi, D. Loyola, C. Mears, R. Preusker, W. B. Rossow, and S. Saha

Short summary
This publication presents results achieved within the GEWEX Water Vapor Assessment (G-VAP). An overview of available water vapour data records based on satellite observations and reanalysis is given. If a minimum temporal coverage of 10 years is applied, 22 data records remain. These form the G-VAP data archive, which contains total column water vapour, specific humidity profiles and temperature profiles. The G-VAP data archive is designed to ease intercomparison and climate model evaluation.