Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Brief communication
05 May 2017
Brief communication |  | 05 May 2017

A high-resolution synthetic bed elevation grid of the Antarctic continent

Felicity S. Graham, Jason L. Roberts, Ben K. Galton-Fenzi, Duncan Young, Donald Blankenship, and Martin J. Siegert

Data sets

HRES -- Synthetic high-resolution Antarctic bed elevation F. S. Graham, J. L. Roberts, B. K. Galton-Fenzi, D. Young, D. D. Blankenship, and M. J. Siegert

Short summary
Antarctic bed topography datasets are interpolated onto low-resolution grids because our observed topography data are sparsely sampled. This has implications for ice-sheet model simulations, especially in regions prone to instability, such as grounding lines, where detailed knowledge of the topography is required. Here, we constructed a high-resolution synthetic bed elevation dataset using observed covariance properties to assess the dependence of simulated ice-sheet dynamics on grid resolution.