Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
12 May 2016
 | 12 May 2016

A synthetic data set of high-spectral-resolution infrared spectra for the Arctic atmosphere

Christopher J. Cox, Penny M. Rowe, Steven P. Neshyba, and Von P. Walden

Data sets

Simulated Spectra for Autonomous Arctic Infrared Observer Christopher Cox, Penny Rowe, and Von P. Walden

Short summary
Observations of cloud properties are necessary to understand and model clouds. Observations are frequently retrieved using remotely sensed measurements of infrared cloud emission. To support development and validation of the retrieval algorithms, this work produced a synthetic high-spectral-resolution infrared data set based on atmospheric conditions typical of the Arctic. Advantages of the data set include a priori knowledge of cloud properties and control over measurement uncertainties.