Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
12 Apr 2010
 | 12 Apr 2010

Nordic Seas dissolved oxygen data in CARINA

E. Falck and A. Olsen

Abstract. Water column data of carbon and carbon relevant hydrographic and hydrochemical parameters from 188 previously non-publicly available cruises in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans have been retrieved and merged into a new database: CARINA (CARbon IN the Atlantic). This paper is one of a series of papers related to the CARINA project and presents an account of the quality control of the oxygen data from the Nordic Seas (the Greenland, Norwegian, and Iceland Seas) in CARINA. Out of 35 cruises from the Nordic Seas included in CARINA, 32 had oxygen data, spanning the period from 1982 to 2006. These data have been subject to rigorous quality control in order to ensure highest possible quality and consistency. Oxygen data from four cruises have been adjusted in the final CARINA data product.