Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Data description paper
17 Jan 2023
Data description paper |  | 17 Jan 2023

Improved global sea surface height and current maps from remote sensing and in situ observations

Maxime Ballarotta, Clément Ubelmann, Pierre Veillard, Pierre Prandi, Hélène Etienne, Sandrine Mulet, Yannice Faugère, Gérald Dibarboure, Rosemary Morrow, and Nicolas Picot

Data sets

Gridded Sea Level Height and geostrophic velocities computed with Multiscale Interpolation combining altimetry and drifters M. Ballarotta, C. Ubelmann, P. Veillard, P. Prandi, H. Etienne, S. Mulet, Y. Faugère, G. Dibarboure, R. Morrow, and N. Picot

Short summary
We present a new gridded sea surface height and current dataset produced by combining observations from nadir altimeters and drifting buoys. This product is based on a multiscale and multivariate mapping approach that offers the possibility to improve the physical content of gridded products by combining the data from various platforms and resolving a broader spectrum of ocean surface dynamic than in the current operational mapping system. A quality assessment of this new product is presented.
Final-revised paper