Articles | Volume 15, issue 5
Data description paper
25 May 2023
Data description paper |  | 25 May 2023

Ten years of 1 Hz solar irradiance observations at Cabauw, the Netherlands, with cloud observations, variability classifications, and statistics

Wouter B. Mol, Wouter H. Knap, and Chiel C. van Heerwaarden

Data sets

High resolution solar irradiance variability climatology dataset part 1: direct, diffuse, and global irradiance Wouter Knap and Wouter Mol

High resolution solar irradiance variability climatology dataset part 2: classifications, supplementary data, and statistics Wouter Mol, Wouter Knap, and Chiel van Heerwaarden

CLAAS-2: CM SAF CLoud property dAtAset using SEVIRI - Edition 2 Stephan Finkensieper, Jan-Fokke Meirink, Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff, et al.

cloud cover retrieved from infrared measurements at 10 minute intervals at CESAR observatory KNMI

Model code and software

Code for 1 Hz solar irradiance processing and variability analyses Wouter Mol

Short summary
We describe a dataset of detailed measurements of sunlight reaching the surface, recorded at a rate of one measurement per second for 10 years. The dataset includes detailed information on direct and scattered sunlight; classifications and statistics of variability; and observations of clouds, atmospheric composition, and wind. The dataset can be used to study how the atmosphere influences sunlight variability and to validate models that aim to predict this variability with greater accuracy.
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