Articles | Volume 15, issue 3
Data description paper
28 Mar 2023
Data description paper |  | 28 Mar 2023

Crowdsourced Doppler measurements of time standard stations demonstrating ionospheric variability

Kristina Collins, John Gibbons, Nathaniel Frissell, Aidan Montare, David Kazdan, Darren Kalmbach, David Swartz, Robert Benedict, Veronica Romanek, Rachel Boedicker, William Liles, William Engelke, David G. McGaw, James Farmer, Gary Mikitin, Joseph Hobart, George Kavanagh, and Shibaji Chakraborty

Data sets

Grape V1 Data: Frequency Estimation and Amplitudes of North American Time Standard Stations Kristina Collins

Grape Version 1 John Gibbons, Kristina Collins, David Kazdan, and Nathaniel Frissell

Model code and software

hamsci_psws: Personal Space Weather Station Plotting Code Nathaniel Frissell, Kristina Collins, Aidan Montare, and Robert Benedict

Short summary
This paper summarizes radio data collected by citizen scientists, which can be used to analyze the charged part of Earth's upper atmosphere. The data are collected from several independent stations. We show ways to look at the data from one station or multiple stations over different periods of time and how it can be combined with data from other sources as well. The code provided to make these visualizations will still work if some data are missing or when more data are added in the future.
Final-revised paper