Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Data description paper
15 Dec 2022
Data description paper |  | 15 Dec 2022

Hydrodynamic and hydrological processes within a variety of coral reef lagoons: field observations during six cyclonic seasons in New Caledonia

Oriane Bruyère, Benoit Soulard, Hugues Lemonnier, Thierry Laugier, Morgane Hubert, Sébastien Petton, Térence Desclaux, Simon Van Wynsberge, Eric Le Tesson, Jérôme Lefèvre, Franck Dumas, Jean-François Kayara, Emmanuel Bourassin, Noémie Lalau, Florence Antypas, and Romain Le Gendre

Data sets

SPHYNX Surveys: Hydrodynamic functioning of Hienghene Lagoon (New-Caledonia - North Province) Romain Le Gendre, Thierry Laugier, Morgane Hubert, Hugues Lemonnier, Oriane Bruyere, Terence Desclaux, Florence Royer, Eric Le Tesson, Franck Dumas, Jean-François Kayara, and Benoit Soulard

Fate of terrestrial runoffs on the coastal zone of Noumea (New-Caledonia) : Moorings and CTD profiles Terence Desclaux, Benoit Soulard, Oriane Bruyere, Sebastien Petton, Florence Royer, Clarisse Hubert, Eric Le Tesson, Hugues Lemonnier, Thomas Schohn, and Romain Le Gendre

CADHYAK surveys: Field observations of hydrodynamics functioning of Koumac Lagoon (New Caledonia - North Province) Oriane Bruyere, Romain Le Gendre, Emmanuel Bourassin, Sebastien Petton, and Benoit Soulard

Field observations of Hydrodynamics in a shallow coral reef lagoon : Poe lagoon - New Caledonia Romain Le Gendre, Benoit Soulard, Noemie Lalau, Oriane Bruyere, and Simon Van Wynsberge

NEMO surveys: Field observations of hydrodynamics functionning of Moindou lagoon (New Caledonia - South Province) Oriane Bruyere, Benoit Soulard, Emmanuel Bourassin, and Romain Le Gendre

Projet SEARSE: Trajectoires et données de bouées dérivantes lâchées à l’embouchure de la rivière Dumbéa en avril 2019 B. Soulard 90a79981140a

Projet SEARSE: Trajectoires et données de bouées dérivantes lâchées à l’embouchure de la rivière Dumbéa en février 2020 B. Soulard 1fd546aa4cdb

Trajectoires et données de bouées déri- vantes lâchées dans le lagon de Nouméa: campagne 35 Grand Nouméa – novembre/décembre 2019 B. Soulard, J. Lefèvre, E. Bourassin, O. Bruyere, and R. Le Gendre 529adc4e3306

Short summary
From 2014 to 2021, extensive monitoring of hydrodynamics was deployed within five contrasted lagoons of New Caledonia during austral summers. These coastal physical observations encompassed unmonitored lagoons and captured eight major atmospheric events ranging from tropical depression to category 4 cyclone. The main objectives were to characterize the processes controlling hydrodynamics of these lagoons and record the signature of extreme events on land–lagoon–ocean continuum functioning.
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