Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Data description paper
15 Dec 2022
Data description paper |  | 15 Dec 2022

Retrievals of XCO2, XCH4 and XCO from portable, near-infrared Fourier transform spectrometer solar observations in Antarctica

David F. Pollard, Frank Hase, Mahesh Kumar Sha, Darko Dubravica, Carlos Alberti, and Dan Smale

Data sets

COCCON Version 2 dataset from Antarctica New Zealand's Arrival Heights atmospheric observatory available at the EVDC Data Handling Facilities covering start date Nov 5th 2019 to end date Mar 9th 2020 D. F. Pollard

TCCON data from Lauder (NZ), Release GGG2014.R0 D.F. Pollard, J. Robinson, and H. Shiona

TROPOMI Level 2 Carbon Monoxide total column products Copernicus Sentinel-5P

TROPOMI Level 2 Methane Total Column products Copernicus Sentinel-5P

Short summary
We describe measurements made in Antarctica using an EM27/SUN, a near-infrared, portable, low-resolution spectrometer from which we can retrieve the average atmospheric concentration of several greenhouse gases. We show that these measurements are reliable and comparable to other, similar ground-based measurements. Comparisons to the ESA's Sentinel-5 precursor (S5P) satellite demonstrate the usefulness of these data for satellite validation.
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