Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
Data description paper
12 Sep 2022
Data description paper |  | 12 Sep 2022

Twenty-one years of hydrological data acquisition in the Mediterranean Sea: quality, availability, and research

Alberto Ribotti, Roberto Sorgente, Federica Pessini, Andrea Cucco, Giovanni Quattrocchi, and Mireno Borghini

Data sets

CTD profiles in western Sardinia (2000-2004), western Mediterranean A. Ribotti, M. Di Bitetto, M. Borghini, and R. Sorgente

Hydrological profiles in the Mediterranean Sea (2002-2006) A. Ribotti, A. Perilli, R. Sorgente, and M. Borghini

ICHNUSSA 2015 A. Ribotti, P. Magni, A. Vetrano, C. Chiappini, and M. Borghini

CTD profiles in the western and central Mediterranean between 2007 and 2020 A. Ribotti, R. Sorgente, A. Perilli, A. Cucco, P. Magni, and M. Borghini

Short summary
Over 1468 hydrological vertical profiles were acquired in 21 years in the Mediterranean Sea. This allowed us to follow the diffusion of the Western Mediterranean Transient along all western seas or make some important repetitions across straits, channels, or at defined locations. These data are now available in four open-access online datasets, including profiles of water temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll α fluorescence, and, after 2004, turbidity and pH.
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