Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Data description paper
28 Jun 2022
Data description paper |  | 28 Jun 2022

Multispecies and high-spatiotemporal-resolution database of vehicular emissions in Brazil

Leonardo Hoinaski, Thiago Vieira Vasques, Camilo Bastos Ribeiro, and Bianca Meotti

Data sets

BRAVES database Version 1.1 (REVISED): multispecies and high spatiotemporal resolution database of vehicular emissions in Brazil L. Hoinaski, T. V. Vasques, C. B. Ribeiro, and B. Meotti

Short summary
In Brazil, goods are essentially transported by a growing vehicular fleet. However, the atmospheric emissions of this prime source of air pollution are still unknown in most places. In this paper, we present the BRAzilian Vehicular Emissions inventory Software (BRAVES) database, containing detailed information on vehicular emissions of multiple types of air pollutants and covering the entire Brazilian territory. These data are crucial to understanding the air pollution in Brazil.
Final-revised paper