Articles | Volume 14, issue 4
Data description paper
04 Apr 2022
Data description paper |  | 04 Apr 2022

Towards improved analysis of short mesoscale sea level signals from satellite altimetry

Yves Quilfen, Jean-François Piolle, and Bertrand Chapron

Data sets

SASSA Global Along-Track 1 Hz Denoised Sea Level Anomalies from Altimeter Yves Quilfen and Jean-François Piolle

Model code and software

EMD-based function (matlab) to denoise measurements of satellite altimeter along-track sea level and significant wave height Yves Quilfen

Short summary
Satellite sea surface heights (SSHs) are key observations used to monitor ocean dynamics. For each satellite altimeter mission, differing noise mixes with SSH signals preclude analysis of the smallest ocean scales. Using an adaptive filter, a new data set is produced for three altimeters, showing that SSH variability in the mesoscale 30–120 km wavelength band can now be more consistently resolved. For the first time, global small-scale ocean kinetic energy distributions are precisely monitored.
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